Celebrity support -

Environment Films gathered the kind support of some of the worlds most respected celebrities and produced the 3 minute film above - ‘I Didn’t Know’ aims to further support the campaign to end the eating of dogs in Asia.

Produced by Environment Films, directed by Jess Scott Hunter, made possible thanks to Peter Egan and funded by Soi Dog, ‘I Didn’t Know’ went viral the day it was released and within just four weeks generated over a million signatures on our petition. You can sign the petiiton > HERE

‘Shadow Trade - The Price of Loyalty’ is a documentary that exposes the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand. It follows the tragic story from the streets where dogs are stolen, across The Mekong and into Vietnam where they are slaughtered.

Shadow Trade was produced by Environment Films for the Soi Dog Foundation and is currently being broadcast across Europe on Television via distributors Earth Touch. It is available to watch, below, for those in the UK and USA > MORE

Director - Richard Elson. Producer - Ella Todd. Director of Photography - Ben Todd.

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Latest News -

The film was completed in 2014 and picked up by distributors Earth Touch soon after. In 2015 Shadow Trade was sold to TV and is being broadcast across Europe. Earth Touch are now in conversation with broadcasters in China and Taiwan, countries crictical for the campaign.

In August 2015 the full length Shadow Trade was released online for the first time on this official website only. Please note the film is geo-blocked to screen in the UK and USA only, while conversations with other broadcasters continue.

Sponsors and Supporters -

Commissioned by Soi Dog and produced by Environment Films Shadow Trade was also made possible by a collection of generous charities and individuals, to all of whom Soi Dog and Environment Films are extremely grateful > MORE

Strength in numbers -

To help combat the trade, a new alliance has been formed comprising of the Soi Dog Foundation, the Humane Society International, Animals Asia and Change for Animals Foundation. The Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA) is focusing on the elimination of rabies - Thailand, Vietnam and Laos have signed the ASEAN group of nations commitment to eliminate rabies by the year 2020. However, the cross border trade in unvaccinated dogs is severely compromising this agreement > MORE